Why this blog was born

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I recently added AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner to my resume by passing the exam. Rather than just say I was a Cloud Practitioner, I decided to put my money where my mouth and I’ve built this Blog on AWS. I’ve used the AWS Lightsail service to build and publish this blog.

AWS Lightsail is an interesting service. As opposed to being just one service, it’s a bundle of a few services that has ad ons built right in. The first thing you do is create an instance (an EC2 instance for those who know), which is basically a Virtual Server. You select an OS (Linux/Unix or M$ Windows). If you choose Linux it allows you to bundle it with a “blueprint”, which is a set of potential development tool. I chose WordPress, although there are definitely interesting other options, from DJango, GitLab CE, LAMP, or Nginx. For now I’ll stick with WordPress, but I look forward to exploring these other options.

How I learned WordPress

This Youtube video. As recommended I watched it beginning to end and learned so much! Thanks you Tyler Moore!

Where the name came from

Don’t leave your passport in a safe.

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